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Looking for a treatment for premature ejaculation, how to have longer sexual pleasure without early discharge  or how to prolong sexual intercourse?

STUD 5000 Spray



          Active contain -  Lidocaine 

    • → Reduces penis sensitivity
    • → Helps 3 to 7 times prolong sexual intercourse
    • → Easy to use and effective immediately
    • → Can be used with condoms
    • → No oil residue after it


Description of STUD 5000 spray:


Almost half of men, not only in Russia, but around the world suffer from premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation), so the methods of treating premature ejaculation have improved significantly lately, new high-quality drugs have appeared that effectively help men not to end long and prolong sexual intercourse (sex) many times.

Spray STUD 5000 - quickly and effectively helps to delay orgasm and ejaculation for a long time, this way makes sex longer by 5-10 times.

STUDA 5000 contains Lidocaine . It acts as a high-quality, but light local anesthetic, temporarily reducing the sensitivity of the penis. Lidocaine - often used in medicine. With this modern tool, all men can forget about premature ejaculation and premature ejaculation, because with the help of Stood 5000 you can not stop lidocaine for a long time, thereby significantly prolonging sexual intercourse , increasing your stamina and getting maximum satisfaction from sex.


Active substance: Lidocaine.

Lidocaine is an expensive and high-quality, but light anesthetic that has a unique local anesthetic effect, temporarily reduces the sensitivity of the penis, thereby delaying ejaculation, prolonging sex , in other words, helps not to end long.

Release form: spray can of 20 gr.

1st spray can with Stud 5000 with a volume of 20g. usually enough for 400 sprays or more.

Instructions for use: STUD-5000 spray needs to be carefully sprayed on the glans penis 10-15 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse, to get the desired effect, 3-5 spraying are enough. Lidocaine spray stay effective around 30 to 60 minutes after applying.


Advantages of STUD 5000 spray:

 Fast and great results.

Unlike all other drugs, sprays, lotions and creams from premature ejaculation, Stud 5000 , also known as Lidocaine Spray , starts to work quickly and efficiently, without leaving greasy spots and traces. In addition, it can be used with any condom. Usually, men get the desired effect from the use of Stud5000 spray for 7-15 minutes, which makes this drug fast, effective and convenient in delaying orgasm, treating premature ejaculation and prolonging sex.

 Ease of use

Lidocaine Spray - Stud 5000 - Absolutely clean, inconspicuous and very easy to use. You just need to apply a small amount of Stud5000 spray on the head and trunk of the penis and give it a little time to absorb better. Approximately in 7-15 minutes you will feel the desired effect and will be ready to have sex for a long time , because premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation) will not occur.

 The composition of the spray STUD 5000

This spray consists of the most modern and effective substances that have been specially selected to prolong sex (sexual intercourse) for a very long time and prevent premature ejaculation. The active substance in this spray is Lidocaine 20%. There are also inactive components - flavoring, stearic acid, solvent and isopropyl myristate. All of the listed ingredients in Stud 5000 passed the necessary research, testing and tests, which showed not only the high effectiveness of lidocaine spray, but also its complete safety.

 Full security

Spray Stud-5000 - completely safe to use! However, it is only allowed to apply it to persons who are already 18 years old. Stud-5000 Spray is not harmful, as it is made from the most expensive, safe, natural ingredients, so most customers don’t have any unwanted side effects from this lidocaine spray. But just in case, please check all the ingredients included in this spray before use to fully make sure that you are not allergic to the components included in this spray to prolong sex. Do not over use then suggested does. We suggest you to check with your doctor before use. 

you can easily clean with shop & hot water

 For whom lidocaine spray recommended for?

  • Men with premature ejaculation - premature ejaculation, that is, when a man reaches an orgasm and ends very quickly, for example, within 1-2 minutes or less.
  • Men with very fast ejaculation, when intercourse lasts longer than two minutes, but still ends very quickly, without achieving satisfaction of the man and his partner.
  • All men who want to hold an orgasm do not finish fast, prolong pleasure and sexual intercourse many times, thereby making their beloved woman a pleasant surprise.
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