Direction of using Stud 5000

Method of applying STUD 5000

Spray STUD 5000 should be applied approximately 10-15 minutes before the planned sexual intercourse. Before use, please shake the bottle of STUD 5000 well. After that,Stud 5000 known as lidocaine spray must be carefully sprayed onto the glans penis, slightly extending its extreme skin, as well as to all possible places of the penis that are involved in friction during sex, then you need to give the product soak up.

To get the desired effect, just 3 sprays are enough but you can go maximum up to 5 spray The duration of action of lidocaine spray is approximately 30-60 minutes.

STUD 5000 can be used with any condom. One bottle of STUD 5000 according to the manufacturer should be enough for about 150 applications (3-5 sprays at a time), that is, for 450 sprays and more.

Recommendations for use

Before applying STUD 5000 spray, it is advisable to detect the most sensitive places of the penis. This can be done during an erection, by slightly touching the head of the penis, you can easily find its most sensitive areas. In most men, sensitive areas of the penis can be located in different places, but most often they are located around the entire circumference of the head of the penis and next to its extreme skin.

After finding all the sensitive places of the penis, you need to carefully spray STUD 5000 lidocaine spray on these areas. Do not apply too much lidocaine - three spray spray. Stud five thousand is usually enough.

About 15 minutes after applying Stud 5000 we recommend wearing a condom or washing the head of the penis well. So that your sexual partner also does not decrease sex sensitivity in some places.

Important information about the STUD 5000!

After spraying the STUD 5000 lidocaine spray on the penis, you need to wait at least 5-7 minutes for the “Lidocaine” contained in the spray to begin to act.

STUD5000 aerosol should be stored at room temperature out of the reach of children.

Do not use STUD5000 if you are going to have oral sex right away!

There is no known side effects from regular lidocaine. Stud 5000 contains lidocaine which is local anesthesia so after spying on particular body part you will feel numbness . Once you done with your sex wash it with shop & warm water.

STUD 5000 Spray



          Active contain -  Lidocaine 

    • → Reduces penis sensitivity
    • → Helps 3 to 7 times prolong sexual intercourse
    • → Easy to use and effective immediately
    • → Can be used with condoms
    • → No oil residue after it


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