How STUD 5000 Works

The principle of operation of the STUD 5000

Currently, the most effective and safe way to treat premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation) is to temporarily lower the sensitivity of the penis using a special lidocaine spray - STUD 5000 . Which quickly and effectively helps to solve all the intimate problems associated with the rapid onset of orgasm and early ejaculation.

After applying Stud 5000 spray lidocaine to the penis, its sensitivity decreases for a while, since Lidocaine and its light anesthesia begin to act, which significantly prolongs sexual intercourse , because the penis after applying the lidocaine spray requires much more excitement in order for an orgasm to occur and there was ejaculation - you need to do significantly more frictions than before, so that the man reaches an orgasm and ejaculation begins.

The schedule of stages of sexual intercourse:

График этапов полового акта

1 - stage of excitation
2 - stage plateau
3 - critical point
4 - ejaculation
5 - stage of relaxation

- schedule for premature ejaculation
- Sexual intercourse schedule using STUD 5000

The graph clearly shows that sexual intercourse using Stud 5000 (spray with lidocaine) is much longer and more complete than usual. It should be noted that Stud 5000 Lidocaine Aerosol - helps in 100% of cases of premature ejaculation (ejaculation)! What makes Stud 5000 the best among existing analogues.

Lidocaine spray STUD 5000 - prolongs sexual intercourse! The use of lidocaine spray effectively helps: to hold an orgasm, not to finish for a long time and to prolong sex 3 to 7 times.

Many surveys, tests and studies have shown that in 55% of men around the world, ejaculation (ejaculation) occurs prematurely, that is, already 3-4 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse. The data of a female survey show that to obtain sexual pleasure and achieve an orgasm, a woman needs at least 10-15 minutes of sex, this time is usually enough to perform the necessary amount of frictions in the female vagina. Using STUD 5000, every man can delay orgasm, premature ejaculation, extend the time of sex (sexual intercourse) by at least 3 to 7 times, which will enable his woman to enjoy sexual contact and possibly achieve orgasm.

Lidocaine spray "STUD 5000" - has another very significant quality, in men it increases self-confidence , which helps men to be in great shape during intercourse. Indeed, according to statistics, 85% of men who experience premature ejaculation (premature ejaculation) suffer from a large number of psychological problems: fear of sex, disappointment in their sexual powers, feelings of inferiority, etc. Of course, all these negative psychological factors greatly affect the quality and duration of sexual intercourse.

Both partners benefit from the use of lidocaine spray!

Using STUD 5000 before sexual intercourse, a man becomes more self-confident and relaxed, all psychological fears associated with sex disappear, the feeling of excitement and insecurity disappears. These factors usually have a great influence on the duration and quality of sexual contact. Thanks to the use of lidocaine spray Stud 5000 (Studa 5000), sex becomes full , long-lasting, varied and more enjoyable for both partners. Which makes further love relationships in a couple more open, strong and serious.
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